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Laboratory for Undersea Remote Sensing

Director: Prof. Nicholas Makris

The Lab is located on the second floor of building 5, in room 229.

Laboratory for Undersea Remote Sensing
Room 5-229
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone: 617-253-9484

Some Current Research Areas:

Ocean exploration, undersea remote sensing of marine life and geophysical phenomena, wave propagation and scattering theory in remote sensing through random media and waveguides, statistical estimation and information theory in sensing, linear and nonlinear acoustics and seismics, Europa exploration.

location of OAWRS survey


instantaneous OAWRS image of areal fish population density







Students: Ankita Jain, Wenjun Zhang, Dong Hoon Yi, Byung-Gu Cho

Postdoctoral Associate: Zheng "Roger" Gong

Collaborator: Prof. Purnima Ratilal, Northeastern University

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